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G713rc-hx032 TPM issue

Level 7

Hey guys,

Today I decided to head into the BIOS to enable the TPM since I needed it for a game...

I saw the "TPM control" (not the full name of the option but you can guess it) was off. I turned it on and then went into the TPM keys section there I enabled some kind of TPM hardware key saved and rebooted... Now the PC power's on and doesn't POST[tried to leave it on black screen for 2 mins) is there anything I can do about it? Can I clear the BIOS with a switch or key combination?

I can't find information even on the User's manual


Customer Service Agent

Hi @TheGodhand ,

Please try removing all external devices and power, then perform an EC reset by holding down the power button for 40 seconds while the laptop is powered off. After that, reconnect the power and try turning it on to see if it boots up. Thank you.