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G713QR trouble booting, clock time always off on boot, turns off during sleep

Level 7

About a month ago my laptop one day wouldn't turn on and didn't register the charging light.  After holding the power button for like 20 seconds it eventually was able to be turned on.  This is how I have to start it now most days.  Also, the clock is always at 12:00 when it turns on and if the laptop goes to sleep for too long it will shut off.  The boot time is also much slower than normal.  This sounded to me like a CMOS battery issue but I just found out this laptop doesn't have a CMOS battery, so what else could be the issue?  


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ClutchDaddy ,
Apologize for any inconvenience caused. 
Are you also experiencing abnormal date issues every time you boot up your laptop?
Based on your description, we are concerned that there might be a hardware issue causing the trouble you are experiencing. 
We recommend taking your laptop to service center for further diagnosis and to ensure its stable usage. 
Thank you for your understanding.

The date is always right I think but never the time.  If you were to take a guess at which piece of hardware is acting up, what would you say?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ClutchDaddy ,

Based on your description, it is possible that there may be an issue with the battery-related components. 
However, the actual problem can only be determined after being inspected by an engineer. 
We recommend scheduling a repair and diagnostic service for your laptop at your earliest convenience. Thank you.