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G713QR freezes

Level 7

Hi everyone, ever since my 2 year warranty expired in July my laptop started freezing on the ROG logo and usually going to a black screen afterwards and would be stuck like that for hours.


Usually after a few hard resets it would be forced to worked and eventually get to the windows page that says “Couldn’t install updates”, making me think a new Windows update makes it stuck, I disabled windows updates and froze them, yet the issue persisted, this time eventually when it did work it was “Cleaning up” and then the computer would run for hours and days. Today I took the plunge since over 50 hard resets didn’t work and decided to do a fresh installation of Windows. Now it gets stuck on this stage 



and I’m at a loss right now. Understanding it most likely is a hardware issue and I live in a country without proper Asus service. Does anyone know what it may be?

thank you



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Deathxcore ,

I would like to confirm with you whether the system will proceed to the main screen after getting stuck at the logo screen during startup. Have you tried replacing the hard drive and reinstalling the system to see if it resolves the issue? You can refer to the information in this link for instructions on how to install the system. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!

Hi, the system usually froze on the logo when there was a loading circle on it, indicating windows updates i believe, the preparing automatic repair was just a concidental picture. After freezing the screen usually went black and that's it, the keyboard rgb lights basically jump when that happens and then the computer wouldn't react to anything. I have tried to install a new SSD yesterday, whilst the issue seems to be less bad with the new SSD, the new windows installation used to get frozen as well, I managed to somehow force it through and install windows 11 but the computer literally freezes after every 3-5 minutes of use, not even giving me enough time to install drivers. 

One more thing, on BIOS the computer works and doesn't freeze. Windows is having the issue, even on new SSD.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Deathxcore ,

Thank you for the information you provided. 
Based on your description, this situation might be related to a hardware issue, possibly with the memory or components on the motherboard. Since you mentioned that there is no relevant repair service support in your area, may I confirm if you have tried replacing the memory to see if the issue persists? If you have already attempted to replace the memory and the problem still exists, would you be willing to private message me your product serial number and location for further investigation? Thank you.