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G634JZ - Color profiles and PQconfig file for Dolby Vision support for Scar 16

Level 9

TLDR; Is anyone with a G634JZ(exact model) willing to share their 'C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color' folder with me?

Hello everyone, I own a Scar 16 with model number G634JZ. I did a clean Windows install upon receiving it. But I can't get Dolby vision to work despite all my efforts. Dolby access app has no vision settings and I can't playback DV media. After some investigation I found out that after a clean windows install, color profiles and DV license can disappear. People resolved that issue with getting the profiles (.icm and .dv files) from another user with the exact same model. I would really appriciate it if someone with the exact same model (G634JZ) could .zip their color folder ('C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color') and link it to me. Thanks in advance!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @H0N0R ,

If it's convenient for you, you could sand your computer to the repair center where they can assist you with reinstalling the system. Thank you .

Hi, @Anbby_ROG My device came FreeDOS without the system, so I doubt they will install any OS. Do you have any other suggestions?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @H0N0R ,

Thanks for your feedback.
Due to the need for your personal information, please PM me with the serial number (S/N) information . Thank you.


After installing windows, you may need to install the HVEC codec to play videos.