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G634JYR - problems turning on monitor after sleep/idle - WIN32K_POWER_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT (19c)

Level 7

With the latest Nvidia drivers, 551.76, I am encountering a black screen unable to come back on after it goes off due to either idle or sleep.  Windows records a bugcheck.  I will attach the WinDbg analysis of the bugcheck event.  It contains a stack trace that's within the Nvidia driver and the code WIN32K_POWER_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT (19c) .

This only happens in dedicated GPU mode.  I think I've seen this report before, but those threads are locked.

This problem does not happen with the Asus provided drivers version 537.67.  But i don't want to use months-old drivers, or worse after ASUS stops providing updates.  Please push fix upstream, or fix the bios or whatever.  


Level 7

The bugcheck analysis.  I don't know how to attach a file.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Savant45 ,

Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please share with us which essential features in the latest version of the driver you need to use, prompting your need for an update?
The driver available on the ASUS website is derived from the Nvidia driver and undergoes numerous compatibility tests and verifications before release to ensure the best user experience. If you encounter any issues with the latest Nvidia-provided driver, we recommend installing the ASUS website driver first to ensure stability and compatibility.Thank you for your understanding.