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G513QM sometimes dead , not charging , not booting , but then after a while it's back to life

Level 8

so past couple of month my asus rog strix g15 g513qm has been behaving strangely , so what's happening is my laptop sometimes dies on it's own when i shut it down it wont power on . Even when i try connecting charger the LED light orange blinks once . When it's in this state nothing i do will power it on , holding the power button for 30 sec , removing the batt , changing the power cord and adapter nothing at all will turn it on.

but after it's been sitting for a while , i mean a long while , like i'll leave the laptop for a week or two if i connect the power it comes to life the battery starts charging i start playing games for hours and in for days without turing it off and the laptop works as if nothing ever happened until i turn it off and keep it off for a night then the same problem happens again .

once the laptop turn on i can not turn it off, if i do it'll die , i can put it to sleep but not shut down .
 so when i sleep i put it to sleep , but if the battery were to drain and it was to shut down automatically then the same problem comes

what should i do ? has anyone faced the same problem ? 



Customer Service Agent

Hi @OrionDhruv ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you have used MyASUS for diagnosis. 

Based on your description, we recommend that you take your laptop to the nearest authorized service center for further hardware diagnostics. Thank you.

i have used diagnostics tool but it shows only recomendation , no problems are detected , it shows everything is fine .

Customer Service Agent

Hi @OrionDhruv ,

Based on your description, it may be a battery or charging device issue. Therefore, we recommend that you take your device to a local authorized service center for further hardware diagnostics to pinpoint the problem. We appreciate your understanding.


Thank you for the assistance provided by @FahrettinYalcin  and @QQ02

Level 7

Hi Im Fahrettin Rog Forum,

You can go this 3 options;

1. Your battary and charging adapter are old or dead. You can go buy new battary and chargin adapter. Or you have warrenty, go to Asus center.

2.Not Booting system you can go to look msconfig settings. go search "Run" and click and write msconfig. You can go Boot setting here. You dont solition. You go restore backup your laptop. This is in the windows settings System>Restore.


Level 11

A dead (non-charging) battery should not stop the computer from turning on. Admittedly if the battery is old and has developed a fault, it may cause it to trip a safety feature, stopping the device from powering on. To diagnose this, the easiest option is to physically remove the battery (unplugging is enough for testing) and see if it turns on without problems with the power adapter. If it stops having power-on issues after removing the battery, then it is the battery at fault. At that point you have a choice, you can get a new battery or use the laptop as a desktop, without any battery, never unplugging when the computer is on or at sleep. And, of course, dispose of the battery at a battery collection station, do not just throw it in the trash.

If having no battery does not change anything, the adapter could be at fault. I would assume that the computer would notify you if it detected that the power adapter was being unstable, but I cannot be sure in ASUS's case. I've had power adapters of another manufacturer fail and every time the computer notified that the adapter was having issues before any human-noticeable symptoms became apparent.