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FX516PR Motherboard burnt twice in 8 months with rare usage

Level 7

I bought a gaming laptop on Feb 2021.

First time motherboard burnt on Jan 2021

It was happen just a split second and suddenly my screen was totally black out and can not start back anymore. I send to asus service center and the technician just informed me need to change the motherboard as it was burnt. Luckily it still within warranty period. So it was replace  FOC and can work as usual.


I was maintain rare usage by watch movie and play games until Oct 2023 and it happen again and i can not start back my laptop anymore. this round the warranty was ended and technician informed need to can motherboard again. it cost me about Myr 5670. 

Almost 80% of my laptopn purchase price, so i not replace the motherboard. 

1. Why my motherboad so easy get burn as i rarely use this laptop? anyone have the same experience ? anyway can we feedback to Asus?

2. Anywhere or anyone can repair with a reasonable price at Malaysia?

Vincent from Penang, Malaysia 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @VincentLCM ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌

Thank you so much Anbby. i have reply your email. i hope i can get assistant from ASUS.