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FPS Stuttering on a brand new gaming laptop - Asus rog zephyrus duo 16 gx650pz-nm030w

Level 7

So I just got the Asus Rog zephyrus duo 16 2023 with Ryzen 9 and 4080 and my fps is not stable at all, I set the fps limit to 165 which is the max of the monitor hz. I also have gpu settings to ultimate in Armory crate and also Performance power option. 

See example video:

This is the specifc game settings but i have the problem in most games:

This is the armory crate settings while in-game:

I am expecting a much better performance from this laptop with such specs.


Level 9

Did you by any chance update your graphics drivers using the nvidia website or through G-force experience?

Yeah of course, I did all the "commons" solutions.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @yiannislifelive ,


I would like to confirm if you have tried using the turbo mode for testing?
Additionally, could you please assist in verifying if your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 316 and if you are using the ASUS-certified NVIDIA Graphic Driver, Version V31.0.15.3645? Thank you.

Hi thanks for your answer. I havent tried Turbo mode yet because I only turned it up once to see it and my CPU went straight to 98c temperature. My bios is indeed 316 and I am installing the Graphic Driver you've sent me , will get back to you with updates. Thanks

still the same problem, very stuttery fps in all games even in turbo mode. I even limited the max fps to be 144 and reduced graphic settings.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @yiannislifelive ,

Thank you for your response. I would like to confirm with you if you have tested disabling V-Sync?

I did but still nothing. At this point my old laptop with RTX3060 was performing better with the same settings and monitor..

Level 10

The temps look close to expected. The incessant boost-unboost-boost-unboost behaviour shown in the video is abnormal. I am not sure what would cause it for you. If I had to guess, either a driver issue or a power issue. I am leaning towards a power issue since you've already done some driver experimentation, in which case a warranty repair would be in order. But it is good to rule out other things first, e.g. is the laptop powering something from the USB ports, is the power supply the same that came with the laptop etc.

All running normal , temp and usb wise