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Flow X16 stuck in tablet mode

Level 7

Hello people,

I am having the same problem which has been posted here. 

Doesn't matter how I flip the laptop, it is always in a mix mode where keyboard is enabled and view of the taskbar is like it is in tablet mode. I tried restarting it but didn't have any luck there. Also when I go to settings>system, there is no option of the "Tablet". I have the same model and bios number in this post which are GV601RM and 318. Expecting a hand thank you! 


P.S. I tried to delete the previous UMDF sensor and downloaded the amd graphics package from ASUS website but the issue still pertains . I also tried auto detect from AMD website . please help me out 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Milandeep_Singh ,
I would like to confirm with you if you have tried reinstalling the system and only installing the drivers provided by the Asus official website to see if the issue is resolved. Thank you.