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flashing 3060 mobile VBIOS for higher wattage from 120w to 140w

Level 8

i have a asus m16 2022 3060 version, i flashed the vbios to gain high wattage from 120w to 130w, i believe the cause from the 120w limit in the m16 is heat. i have IETS  cooler which is the best laptop cooler if you know it. after flashing to 130w i gained 12% FPS in GOW and will gain more if i flash to 140w. my question here is- can i safely flash to high wattage without damaging a hardware even if its not thermal throttling, i mean hardware like a capacitor or something similar, maybe they are not rated for high watts or maybe all 3060 mobile GPUs are equal with exact same component and manufacturers just limit the wattage with software.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @FindX ,

Updating the graphics card VBIOS to increase power indeed can enhance performance, but it also comes with potential risks. As you mentioned, increasing power generates more heat. Even with cooling solutions like the IETS cooler, it may be challenging to completely prevent overheating and potential damage.

Each product is designed based on specific power levels to ensure stability, consider heat dissipation, and guarantee the normal operation and longevity of hardware components. Exceeding these specified power levels may put stress on these components, potentially leading to damage. If damage occurs due to self-modification beyond the designed settings, it may impact your warranty . The information provided above is for your reference.