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Fallout 4 not going to full screen

Level 7


I just got the new update to widescreen and next gen for Fallout 4. Thought that it will solve the not allowing the game go to fuul screen.

I have Asus Strix rog scar 16 (2023) 4090+13980HX laptop + win11.

For go to fullscreen I press the FN+F11, the laptop in 98% just switches screen for a second off and turns back to previos mode (windowed). In 2% of times, seems like the screen turna off and alao the rgb keyboard and it like on 'sleeping' until I press any key and it goes back to windowed mode.

Tried the Perfs.ini changing and compatability to win8 and as admin and the desable optimizarion to windowed ia not on.

Happens only to Fallout4 game.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ArieP86 ,

Based on your description and reports from users in other forums, it seems that many people are experiencing full-screen issues while Fallout 4 . 

We suggest that report the issue to the official forum of the game for further assistance and clarification. The information provided above is for your reference. Thank you.