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FA507RR VRAM OC issue

Level 10

I was trying to find a way of getting more than 300+ on my A15's VRAM on the 3070 only to come across an article saying that ASUS decided to cripple the potential memory OC because of people mining?

Like really... no one else bothered legging up their laptops to foil miners and well... the mining phase has apparently died out now. Would you mind giving us a VBIOS like it originally was so I can try to get the most out of my machine please?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Ragnaraz690 ,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your inquiry.

Regarding the Vbios version, please be informed that it is integrated into the BIOS. Rest assured that after undergoing rigorous testing at the original factory, it has been ensured to exhibit excellent stability and performance.

If you wish to update the Vbios, we kindly request you to first verify that your current BIOS version is the latest one available. On the other hand, if you need to downgrade the version, we recommend referring to the information provided in the download center on our official website.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation. Should you have any further questions or require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Thank you once again for choosing our products.


A response would be nice 🙂

Level 10


I am aware of the test procedures for VBIOS and the likes. My point is the original VBIOS versions allowed for higher VRAM overclocks. Later released versions had a +300 cap to combat crypto mining. Could you tell me if the original VBIOS for the FA507RR had an uncapped memory OC profile?

Current BIOS version is 315. Though, I'm pretty sure the VBIOS is different. I've been reflashing VBIOS on a Legion 5 as a project recently. Unless ASUS specifically does it differently on the TUF series of laptops?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Ragnaraz690 ,
Sorry for the late for the reply.
Please understand that this discussion forum only provides general technical support.
The specific design principles you are discussing go beyond the scope of our discussion here.
If you have issues related to design that you would like to discuss, we can assist you in moving the discussion thread to a relevant forum where users with an interest in that topic can join in and provide more in-depth technical advice.
Thank you for your understanding!