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FA506QR BIOS 415 not installing?

Level 10

I gave my dad this laptop and a few times it has thrown him into the EZ flash randomly of which he has no idea why as he isn't tech savvy, it's not something I have seem myself. Anyway, when I was checking the machine over and doing updates, I checked my ASUS for software updates and saw an optional BIOS 415, I did the usual download to desktop and set it going. Only whenever the machine restarts it doesn't go into the BIOS and update... and the BIOS version stays at 414.

The laptop is running the latest version of WIndows 10, is that BIOS for win11? or is something just not playing ball?



Hi Ragnaraz690 ,

I would like to ask did you have tried to Download the BIOS update utility from the ASUS support site?
please refer to the instructions in the following link :
[Notebook/AIO] How to update BIOS in Windows | Official Support | ASUS Global
If the issue persists please feel free to PM me the following information, we will feedback to relevant department to help confirm this issue. Thank you🙂
Serial number (S/N):
Windows OS version:

That typically refers to the MyASUS app, otherwise when I did go onto the ASUS website to download it specifically there were no options. It stayed blank. So far the laptop hasn't done it since so I'm not unduly worried.