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Experiencing Lag and Frame Rate Drops in GTA 5 and Call of Duty - Need Help!

Level 7

Hello fellow gamers,


I've been encountering some frustrating issues recently while playing both GTA 5 and Call of Duty, and I'm hoping to get some advice and solutions from the community here. The problem I'm facing is lagging and noticeable frame rate drops during gameplay, and it's seriously affecting my gaming experience on gaming monitor 240hz.


System Specs:


Before I dive into the issues, here are my system specs:


Processor: Intel Core i7

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080


Storage: 1TB SSD

Given these specs, I'd expect a smooth gaming experience, but unfortunately, that's not the case.


The Problem:


In GTA 5, especially during high-speed chases or in crowded areas like Los Santos, I've noticed significant lag spikes and frame rate drops. It's become particularly problematic during online sessions, where smooth gameplay is crucial.


The situation is similar in Call of Duty. Frame rate drops seem to occur more frequently in intense firefights, which can be incredibly frustrating when precision aiming is required.

What I've Tried So Far:

I've taken several steps to troubleshoot the issue, including:


Updating Graphics Drivers: I've ensured that my GPU drivers are up to date to make sure that's not the cause of the problem.

Lowering Graphics Settings: I've experimented with lowering the graphics settings in both games to see if it makes a difference, but it only provides marginal improvements.

Checking for Background Processes: I've made sure there are no resource-intensive background processes running while gaming.

Monitoring System Temperature: My system temperatures seem well within safe ranges, so overheating isn't likely to be the issue.

Verifying Game Files: I've verified the integrity of game files through Steam and the Rockstar Games Launcher, but no issues were found.

Seeking Community Wisdom:

Despite my efforts, I haven't been able to resolve this issue, and it's starting to take the fun out of gaming. I'm reaching out to the community in the hope that some of you might have encountered similar problems or have suggestions on how to improve performance in GTA 5 and Call of Duty.

Have any of you faced similar issues with these games, and if so, how did you resolve them? Are there any specific in-game settings or system tweaks that you recommend? I'm open to any advice or guidance you can provide.

Thanks in advance for your help! Let's work together to get rid of these frustrating lag and frame rate drop issues and enjoy smooth gaming once again.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @melissahankins ,

Could you please let us know your laptop model?
May I confirm with you if the latency and frame rate drops are occurring only in these two games or do they occur in other games as well?
Additionally, have you tested if the same issue occurs when using the built-in screen?
By the way, are you using V-Sync? Please try turning off V-Sync to see if it helps improve the latency and frame rate drop issues.