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Disappearance of NVIDIA Control Panel on Asus Rog Strix G16

Level 8

Hello again!

I'm a user of an Asus Rog Strix G16 G614JI for about 3 months. The model is equipped with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU.

Everything is up todate, from Windows Update to Armoury Crate and GeForce Experience. I've encountered some issues and would like to know if they are serious, if anyone else has experienced the same, or if, straight up, this is grounds to request a warranty exchange or refund.

While gaming, I don't have any issues... but occasionally, when browsing on Edge, I notice 'blackouts' on my screen for no apparent reason (This usually happens after putting the computer in sleep mode). These blackouts are associated with a switch in output between the internal Intel graphics and the NVIDIA GPU (The PC was configured in GPU Optimized mode in Armoury Crate). These blackouts completely render my browser unusable. In fact, everything freezes... even without doing anything, the resolution starts 'acting up,' shifting to lower resolutions so glitchily that it doesn't even allow me to restart the system safely... so I opt to force it with the power button.

When starting up the system, there were no issues anymore... but today, something happened that did scare me.

The same thing happened after leaving the PC in sleep mode (and unplugged)... screen blackouts, Edge rendered useless and unresponsive (not even the task manager can close it in that state)... but, upon restarting, it booted up only with the Intel GPU (I noticed due to the dismal gaming performance)... and the most alarming part was that the NVIDIA control panel wasn't appearing in the toolbar!!! Running 'dxdiag' also didn't show it, only the integrated Intel card. Needless to say, I got scared, especially since, in that state, GeForce Experience recommended updating drivers, and when attempting, it said 'my system was not compatible with the update'...


What I did was go all in with the GPU Ultimate mode in Armoury Crate... Upon restarting the system, luckily, my Nvidia GPU became operational again.

I want to know, dear mates, if this has happened to you... if it happens again, and my GPU ends up 'sleeping forever'... will the basic warranty cover that? :/… I wouldn't want a gaming laptop just for doing Word and Excel tasks xd.



Level 12

Have you tried uninstalling Armory Crate while looking for the causes of these strange and disturbing computer states? I have the same hardware configuration and the latest version of Armory Crate was also a complete failure for me. Luckily, I make system backups.

No, I haven't uninstalled Armoury Crate. I now simply have it in 'Standard GPU' mode... so far, I haven't encountered issues again...

Level 12

Yes I have had these issues with mine and now my laptop is an expensive paper weight.

Which even the repair place I sent it too couldn't get it working after trying everything, they are telling me it's a motherboard problem and I best go shopping for a new laptop cause the price of the Motherboard is the same as the new laptop. Oh and it's only 2.5 years old.

It's truly disheartening... if you've faced the same issue as me and haven't found a solution... can you still use it for gaming and browsing, even with these glitches? Or did it outright and literally become an expensive and useless paperweight? ☹... and what did you do next? Did you replace it? If so, is the warranty still valid?

It makes me so frustrated... this is only the second laptop I've had in my life... I saved a lot to have it... and my previous laptop, which is low-end, is still working after 10 darn years!... And without ever taking it to a tech service!!!!... And when I finally got the money to buy something that's supposed to be 'mid-high-range,' thinking, I don't know: 'it will last at least another 10 years'... turns out, in less than 3 months, I start having ridiculous glitches xd (and without messing with anything, without opening it up, without using unknown third-party software. Nothing at all)... not to mention all the issues and concerns from users I see on the forum 😞 ... Now it seems increasingly evident that this thing won't last more than 3 years, as you rightly say... it's insane!... What the heck is going on with the PC-gaming community that they don't warn about these issues, and before, they seem ecstatic about RGB lights, aggressive designs, and the numbers that come after the models of the CPUs and GPUs?... Do they only worry about the thrill of the moment and the novelty...? ... I can't change equipment every two years... I'm not a millionaire... that's not fair... do those who design them not thoroughly check them?

The difference between low-end and high-end laptops goes to hell if the supposed better one lasts less than a lower-capacity one... Now I'm thinking about returning it, giving a middle finger to the PC-gaming world, and going back to consoles XD.

No my laptop will power on but freezes after about 3 minutes not enough to do anything.

My 2005 AMD laptop still works to this day but I can't game on it anymore it's out dated  it's made by HP

I'm sorry to say this, but it seems that this is the result of some internal games within the ASUS corporation, because there is no other way to explain why the company's software is so bad.

Hardware-wise, ASUS computers are OK, but their software is a failure.