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CPU temperature rising without it being used after startup

Level 7

so I have an ROG g614 (i7-13650hx-4060-16gbram) and it was normal until days ago when it started acting strange like the laptop waking and sleeping continuously while I put it on sleep, etc. I solved all but this one:

when I put it on sleep or generally after startup, fan speed, and CPU temp rises. I open task manager but nothing unusual is running. and after a few seconds, it goes normal again.

I checked vents and stuff and they are not dusty and blocked. is there a problem with my CPU or cooling system or it's a Windows thing?


Customer Service Agent

Could you please provide the full model of the laptop you are using?
How to find Model Name
Have you tried restarting the laptop to see if the issue improves?
Additionally, I recommend checking if both the BIOS and system versions are updated to the latest versions.
Thank you.