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Corrupted .dll files on my Asus Rog g16 2023

Level 7

I don't know what is wrong with my laptop, it all began when i got back from vacations from another country. 


-Corrupted DLL files (my theory after testing everything

-Can't run nor install either Epic Games launcher nor Riot Client for valorant

-Riot Client also shows sometimes an error -> A javascript syntax error unexpected token 'extends', or a Javascript error ocurred in the main process

-If i tried to run the DirectX 2010 or Web DirectX both show problems that say some .DLL are there but are *corrupt*


All the attempts I've made:

-Restore PC from system

-Restore from asus recovery and then it gets stuck on "Configuring DriverCD" for 9 hours and no progress, then i turned off pc and it booted up but still not able to install those programs

-Restore from USB (it took me way too long to configure all drivers for it to fail again)

-Restore W10 version, i even got a w10 boot usb for it to fail once again on w10???

-Do the sfc /scannow and it also shows that it couldn't find any problem?

-Do the Restore Health command and it says everything is ok?



Customer Service Agent

Hi@Pro_Tilter ,

It sounds like you've tried multiple solutions, but the issue persists. 

Based on your description, I'd like to confirm if you've replaced or added any RAM or SSD. If so, please try reverting the hardware configuration to its original state, or use hardware diagnostic tools for testing. If the problem persists, we recommend taking your laptop to a local service center for further diagnostics. Thank you.

I removed the ssd and ram that i upgraded but the problem still persists, and i cant take it to asus because its an imported product and i was told asus was not going to accept it for diagnosis 

Level 7

yooooo bro im happy i found this i have the exaccccccct same issue with same laptoppppppp i feel like im just getting a normal 350$ laptop from "insert your seller here". any progress pal?



Unfortunately i haven't been able to fix it.

But i did send it to an authorized repair center for a propper diagnostic, I will let you know what the problem might be, but also keep in mind i also now got a couple BSODs mentioning kernel problems so mine might actually be cooked

Hey if I were you I should start looking for sending it to warranty to asus, I was told it was the graphics card that was defective, but if I repair it manually it's like 80% of the computer cost...