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Cooling Mat's / Pads for ROG Zephyrus Duo 16's

Level 9

Does anyone use or can recommend? a good cooling mat to work with a Zephyrus Duo 16???  I have what i thought looked like a good mat from Amazon... but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the heat / temperature of my Zephyrus Duo 16...

Is this a design issue of the Zephyrus Duo 16's??? 


is it a bad Cooling mat. ??? it does blow a good air throughput. and it has filters to block dust and hair intake. so, it's good in that way. just doesn't seem to make any difference to the Laptop Temperatures.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? 

I'm currently using / trying the GT300


Level 10

That is an interesting point. One of the peculiarities of the Duo 16 is that the computer's own air intake is mainly on top of the computer (under the ScreenPad) as opposed to under, which is the usual way of doing it. In fact, barely any air is taken in from the bottom. You can test this by having a wide piece of paper near the grilles and running in Turbo (Fn+F5) for high fan speed. Do not use string or anything that could potentially get sucked in. That does seem to indicate that while a cooling pad will help keep the bottom plate cooler (potentially helping the SSDs' heat dissipation more than anything else), it does not assist the internal cooling much.

That said, I have to ask about the issue the cooling pad is supposed to solve. Where does overheating present itself for you?

My Duo 16 with a 3080Ti running on Turbo during CPU+GPU benchmarks will always power throttle before any thermal throttling takes place (it is not allowed to consume enough power that heat dissipation would be an issue). Running on Manual to overclock the CPU and GPU needs adjusted fans, but the cooling does not reach its limits. The last time I tested it was during Summer so ambient temperatures were also higher than normal. Thermal throttling should not happen on the Duo 16 by my testing. If it is, there is probably another way to solve it, such as opening the screen more (so the ScreenPad lifts higher) or manual fan turning (Armoury Crate, making the computer louder and cooler). If it thermal throttles very quickly, there may be an issue with the hardware (bad connection on thermal pads or the liquid metal), which should be taken care of under warranty.

Another issue can be that the chassis heats up, which does unfortunately happen on the Duo 16, making it a little uncomfortable to use under heavy load in the lap or while carrying around. It is especially noticeable if you are coming from plastic laptops that can have the chassis as hot or hotter, but do not feel as hot for your hands. For that the cooling pad can help, but it will mainly help the underside.

Thanks. that does make sense. My older 2022 model with RTX3080Ti was always running Hot. (86 - 95 or higher) and mt newer 2023 model with the RTX4090 does to. but I thing the fact its Hot and Humid has not helped.  I normally run in Windows mode and decrease the max CPU power, that does help with temps. or I run in Manual Mode, decrease the CPU and GPU settings and increase the fans. that does seem to help.  some one had said turn off the bottom screen and run in Ultimate and Turbo. and that does seem to work.

Ironically I work out in Saudi Arabia most of the time. so I work in extreme heats. but my laptop is normally working in an Air-Conditioned room. But don't have AC at home.. in fact normally need the heating on at home lol.

I looked at my Zephyrus.. it does have 2 fan inlets at the bottom. but i think your correct in that it draws air in from top between the screens... But it also blows Hot air out the sides by the air inlets.. and the back.

so far it hasn't been a big problem. would just like to find a way to try keep the temps down as these Zephyrus's do seem to get very hot very quick.. But they do seem to cool down very quick to.

I will keep experimenting see what i can find

Level 10

Saudi Arabia would be a little hotter than Northern Europe, even in the Summer, I will grant you that. The inlets at the bottom do exist, but there is almost no airflow going through there at maximum fan speed. In extreme conditions the Manual would probably work better. Lessen the boost would be the first advice.

I usually run in Performance mode, it does seem to be working better than Windows for me.