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COLD BOOT not detecting HDD not detecting USB-keyboard and USB-mouse Asus Zephyrus gx531gx

Level 7

I have a problem with my Asus Zephyrus gx531gx laptop that is causing me some headache. It works just fine when it finally makes it to Windows. But getting there is a bit nervous. 

At Every cold boot it boots automatically to BIOS and does not detect any harddrives. My external usb-keyboard and usb-mouse are also not detected. 

When I press F10 and reboot everything works just fine. 

My fear is that something is wrong with the motherboard (that it is starting to fail). 

Someone out there must have an understanding into why this is happening! Please release me from my uncertainty 🙂

Someone sudjested that the CMOS-battery might be faulty. But I see no other symptoms of CMOS-failure. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @24hClocker ,

Due to your duplicate posts, we will consolidate the discussion of your issue in the following link. Thank you.