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Coil whine - a worsening problem for Asus

Level 7

I just returned my G18 due to unbearable coil whine noise at idle. I've heard coil whine before but this was worse. I couldn't cure the problem after 1 month of trying different settings, profiles and drivers.

I feel as if Asus need to invest more time into researching and resolving this problem. I feel like you've ignored it until now. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @nadj ,

We're sorry to hear about the bad experience.
Since it is not possible to determine the actual situation of your laptop , we would like to explain about the "Coil Whine" to you that when an electronic device is in operation, you may occasionally hear a high-pitched noise, commonly referred to as "Coil Whine" .This phenomenon can occur in the design of high-power computer products and is not considered a hardware defect nor does it affect the functionality of the device. You can refer to the following link for more information.

If you have concerns regarding this issue, we recommend that you bring your laptop to our repair center for further inspection and confirmation.
Should you have any further questions or require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Thank you for your understanding.

Level 9

I have a machine with coil whine as well, techs said "they don't hear anything".

Only time I don't hear anything is when the fans are at 5000 RPM and/or I have a headset on. Worst part is that it's inconsistent, so it whines for a few seconds then stops, so it's never a constant noise you can tune out.. It's intermittent, so you always notice it coming and going. 

Asus will never care to fix any problems they have with their products or customer service department until people quit buying their products, and it starts to hurt their bottom line. End of story.