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Can you upgrade the gpu in a ROG strix G533ZW from a 3070ti to a 4070ti?

Level 7

If it's possible to do without spending more then it's worth I'd like to do it, I just don't know what parts I'd have to get to do it. If I know the parts list to accomplish this it'd be appreciated and help alot to upgrade, I got this laptop like a year ago and would like to keep it for a few years before getting a new one entirely


Level 12

You'd be better trying to add an external gpu instead.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Drizzt_1719 ,

Due to the nature of laptops being different from desktop computers, where graphics cards are typically removable and upgradeable components, we recommend against attempting to replace the graphics card on your own. This advice is in accordance with our product warranty service policy, taking into consideration the stability and compatibility of the product. The information provided above is for your reference. Thank you.