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Bought used laptop already registered

Level 8

I have bought a used ROG G513 and tried to register my product, but the device is already registered. I have tried to contact Asus support but they are not willing to help. In their words the person that has registered the laptop has to send a request to unregister it, but I cannot get in contact with that person since i am the third owner of the laptop. Any support would be appreciated.


same problem please help


Level 7

Im having the same problem, did you get it solved?

Hi, i bought an ASUS laptop to a person, i only have the box outerphoto, my email and serial number, can you still check even without the invoice?thanks

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Jhumpper ,
Sorry for the late reply.
Due to the personal data protection regulations, if you have purchased a second-hand product, we kindly request that you contact the original user to obtain proof of purchase for the product or a screenshot of the registration page containing the serial number information.
This is to ensure the security of user information. Thank you for your understanding.

I purchased second hand and have requested info for reset. Where do I send it?

Kindly can you advise as to where I have to send requested information privately, so you can get and solve the same issue with my laptop?

An email sent to you with full information. 

Level 7

I am facing the exacly same problem. Bought a desktop g20cb used. Only tower, motherboard and power bricks by the time. Recently i managed to get all the components to bring it back to life. Very happy about it, but frustrated with registration though. Can´t register my product in the asus softwares, can't control rgb..

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Deevo ,

I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 7

Hi, I am also having the same problem.. how to fix?