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Bought an Open Box Unit directly from the ASUS website, it came with a virus installed.

Level 7

I recently bought an open box unit directly from the ASUS website (link:

When I received it, it worked fine, I was able to login in etc... The problems first came up when I first tried updating my windows update and the pre-installed armory crate. Both ran into problems and I was unable to update it successfully. My windows defender is also blank and I was unable to access it. Something about the "contact your IT admin" nonsense. I then thought it was MacAfee interfering my access but I was quite literally unable to delete it. This is the photo:



So I did just do a local system recovery, and then decided to download malwarebytes and this is what I got Link:

Would a fresh install OS do the trick? what if it was one of those BIOS malware that won't get removed even with a fresh OS install from a bootable USB? I have 4 days to return it and get a refund but how would I explain this to ASUS? I do not want to get hit with that 15% restock fee since there are actually no physical defects on my laptop. 


Level 12

BIOS viruses such as "Chernobyl" are not dangerous in current versions of Windows. A clean install of your system should do the trick and don't install Mcaffe and MyAsus.

It came with the laptop

It's your computer, not Asus, and you decide what you want to install on it.

Would a fresh install void my 7 day return policy? I bought it in the UAE

In my opinion, it won't void the warranty as long as you don't change the partition structure on the disk.

But I think the virus is in the partition. I did a local system recovery and the virus was still there. What do I do?

The best solution is to replace the drive that came with the laptop with your own during the warranty period, because when returning the hardware or during a service recall, the drive in the computer must be original and in the same condition as it was delivered.

I heard that ASUS rma outside of the US or Europe is notorious for damaging your product. If that is the case, I might just return it and ask for a refund. What a pain in the ass this was. Worst experience I have ever had.

I had and still have laptops from different companies (DELL, Lenovo, MSI), but it wasn't until I bought an ASUS computer that I had to join a local forum to settle many doubts. It's a completely new experience for me.