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Bluetooth problems MediaTek MT7922A22m Win 11 Pro

Level 8

Hi, i have a Rog Strix G713RM with the famous MediaTek Wifi card and the bluetooth won't connect to anything like game controller, or earbuds, or bt speaker. 

For 3 days i searched for drivers, and i installed and reinstalled every version that i could find, watched tutorials on how to get to the root of the problem, even deleted them manually from the registry and reinstall a fresh one and nothing works.

RFCOMM protocol (TDI)                   6/21/2006        10.0.22621.1778

MediaTek bt                                       2/16/2023         1.932.2.294

Enumerator and LE Enumerator       6/21/2006        10.0.22621.1778

Any suggestions? I could really use a Tech Tip! Thank you in advance!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @SerbanRogG713 ,

I would like to confirm with you if the Bluetooth issue has occurred recently .
Please confirm the current BIOS version and whether you have updated the BIOS to the latest version for testing?
Additionally, I would like to ask you to use MyASUS to check if there are any hardware abnormalities with the Bluetooth. You can refer to the following link for guidance.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.

The issue was from the beginning, i just bought the laptop 2 weeks ago. First i installed Win 11 education N and after a solid 5 hours of watching Youtube videos on problems about BT and problems with the "media pack service" and installing all the drivers that i could find it worked out of the blue, i don't know what i did tot fix it... Then i installed Wind 10 pro, did not manage tot make it work, i reinstalled Win 10 pro and nothing.

Yes it is the latest version 327 that is on the ROG G713RM site.

I even installed MyAsus and performed hardware check and driver updates and nothing abnormal with any of the hardware. So... i don't really know what's going on...

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @SerbanRogG713 ,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 
As you have already reinstalled the OS and updated the BIOS and drivers to the latest versions without resolving the issue, we recommend that you bring your latop to a local service center for further diagnosis. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you @Anbby_ROG for taking an interest in my problem.