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Warranty shorter than 2 years on a Strix G-17

Hello,I bought a Strix-g17-g713qr-k4148t in April 2022 in Vietnamand recently had an issue with the keyboard. I've brought it in an official Asus shop and noticed that my warranty is expiring in November this year.I thought that the default warranty ...

Inquiry About ASUS Return Policy - Urgent Assistance Needed

Dear ASUS Support Team,   I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance and information regarding the return policy for ASUS products, specifically the ASUS ROG Strix G17 G713QM.   I recently purchased this laptop from one of your...

Mosaad by Level 7
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FX507ZC4 DDR5 Ram support

HiI recently purchased this asus FX507ZC4 laptop and i read that there is another version with ddr5 memory, i purchased this laptop as i was lead to believe it came with ddr5 as that it how it was advertised, but none the less it has ddr5 but wonderi...


買了一個月的G713RW直接給我故障 驅動跟BIOS都檢測過現在只能往螢幕的問題解決,但想必是送回保固,但一想到送修時間長的天荒地老也沒有備用機,一整個超燥 

Guest1 by Level 7
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An Unpleasant Experience with ASUS Support - Need Guidance!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a very distressing experience I recently had with ASUS customer support.Last year, I bought a brand new ASUS laptop. Sadly, due to urgent personal circumstances involving a move and caring for a newborn and my par...

Zeusrah by Level 7
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RAM Upgrade Black Screen Tuf F15 FX516PC

Hi all,I recently tried to upgrade the RAM on my 2021 FX516PC. I have a dedicated RAM slot and 8GB soldered to the motherboard. I did extensive research and found that the RAM is upgradable to 40GB, so I went ahead and bought a 32GB, DDR4 3200MHz SOD...

mainstu by Level 7
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Owned laptop for 1 and a half years, had to change fan twice.

This itself is sad but the other ******ed up thing is that I can't turn off the fans, they are starting to grind for the third time now. Why can i not control my own fans? on something that I own? Great. Every 5 months I have to order a new fan

BadFans by Level 7
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Cannot update the Support email in Technical Inbox.

I have a support query open with ASUS via the Technical Support Inbox. It is very frustrating.    I sent an email through the support page on 2023-08-24 and got a response with questions on the 2023-08-30.  I tried to reply via the Technical Inbox bu...

AlanMc by Level 7
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Flow Z13 (2023 - RTX4050) performance issue

I bought this Flow Z13 (2023) a few days ago. I immediately wanted to try some games (warzone, FB2042) to understand his performance but, I think there is some problem. Once I start BF2042, after about 10-15 minutes of gaming I notice that the watts ...

RedAxez by Level 7
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