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warranty transfer and Windows licence upgrade

I just bought a second-hand Asus Scar 17 SE. The warranty is valid till Jan 2025 but I am unable to register it as it has already been registered. My second issue is I am trying to upgrade my Windows home edition to pro, I have a license key but rece...

sp4rtan by Level 7
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Dont do it! I wasted 2000.00 dollars that i didnt have on this asus strix g6 laptop. Armoury crate is riddled with problems and it screws up all the settings that were set in game and will change intermittently. i can open my game, play with half way...

ROG Strix Scar laptop randomly crashes and restarts

Hello. On June 2023 I’ve bought Scar 17 laptop Ryzen 7945HX RTX 4080, model G733PZ-LL023X, S/N R2NRK. While I was playing games (RDR2, Hell let loose, Cyberpunk e.t.c.), surfing web, typing, watching YouTube, laptop crashed and restarted once or twic...

GV301RE with BIOS ver 327

All of a sudden my Flow X13 can no longer detect my boot drive.. I even tried to use a fresh bootable drive for windows 11 and it also not detected. Is there a way I can rollback my bios back to 323 where every used to be stable.. I tried optimizing ...

Would a fresh OS install void my 7 day return?

As title suggests, would it void my 7 day return? I saw in my terms that the bundled promos if gone would void my warranty or something, aren’t those the ones included on your laptop like the xbox game pass or something? My open box came with a virus...

Can ROG Strix G17 (2022) have 64Gb ram?

The tech specs page of the ROG Strix G17 2022 says it's maximum RAM capacity is 32GB.There are 2 dimms, would it really not work to put two 32GB memory sticks in there for 64GB RAM?

rabcor by Level 7
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ROG Strix 2022 Laptop CPU fans going full throttle at random

I have had this laptop for a while now, and about a half a year after I got it it began to just completely at random rev up the CPU fan to 100%; but I can only tell by noise, because according to both the BIOS and Armoury Crate, whenever this is goin...

rabcor by Level 7
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Serial number already registered

I recently purchased an open-box, excellent condition ROG Flow Z13. However, when I attempted to register the product, I encountered an issue as it appears to be already registered. Could you advise me on how to register it since I now own the produc...

mks by Level 7
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