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Armoury Crate Button & Fan button randomly stopped working

The Armoury crate button and fan button have randomly stopped working. I uninstalled Armoury crate with the pack from the ASUS website and reinstalled it and my laptop was running better, then I turned my laptop off and turned it back on the next mor...

Dillin by Level 7
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Asus Rog zephyrus amd radeon 7600s

Hello i have this asus rog, and when i play games like dota 2 i get imense lagg from the video card. everything is up to date... and myasus says everything is ok

Sona by Level 7
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ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) freezes on startup

Continue of Real state at 2023 june 23 with bi...


Game deals keeps loading forever and content platform when i pres it closes armoury crate any ideas? 

Tips on maximizing ROG Flow Z13

  I recently bought a Z13 (2022) and I'm looking for tips to maximize its use. I was originally planning to buy the 2023 version, but due to my upcoming departure from training in Taiwan, I couldn't wait for the delivery. I work in academia and engag...

exeoe4 by Level 7
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cpu fan spiking

hello guys,recently, ive had some trouble with my cpu fan. i have the asus tuf f15.  a few months ago, my fans started being very loud in certain situations, it was mostlt while playing games so it was understandable. after cleaning my fans, the issu...

ASUS ROG Strix G17 switching modes when plugged in?

My G17 is switching modes from turbo to performance mode when it's plugged in. It happened around 1.5 months ago whenever I play games or watching videos my G17 switched modes even though it's plugged in. I get the same results with manuel mode.I rei...

roper22 by Level 7
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Laptop not working without a screen

Hello,I have an issue that's boggling me for a long time actually with my RoG GL703GM. I wanted to use it to play games on TV but when connected via HDMI or DP, I'm getting way lower framerates (more than 50% drop) than when using the internal screen...