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Assistance locating parts

Hi, I got myself an ASUS TUF dash F15 some a few years back since I needed a computer upgrade and desktops at the time were insanely overpriced. Recently (as in like 10 minutes ago) I recovered power from an outage that lasted ~20 hurs or so and my b...

gogoy7 by Level 7
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Mediatek wifi 6 processor randomly keeps shutting off.

This is in a tuf f15 laptop. I do some medium gaming and have changed the internal fan once, because of bad packaging and transmission during delivery from amazon. The laptop is now over a year old and mediatek processor randomly decides to shut off....

natty7 by Level 7
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Audio jack stopped working on new laptop

Hello everyone!I've recently bought an ASUS laptop and everything was fine until all of a sudden the headphone jack stopped working.Everything was up-to-date, I didn't install anything or touch any setting, but just like that, there was no sound on m...

ROG G17 2023 G713PV-DS94 SPD issue

Running on the latest bios G713PV.315 but the SPD of installed stock RAM is not detected  in CPU-Z or RAMMon.  Same goes with Aida 64 Extreme.  Tried upgrading the RAM to G.Skill DDR5-4800 but still SPD is not detected. Anyone encountered this issue ...

G752vl laptop randomly freezing

My laptop keeps randomly freezing, and I have no idea why. It randomly freezes when I open a browser, or if i am downloading something off of steam, but the freezing never happens when in game which is when i would expect it to happen the most. It is...

ASUS ROG g513Q black screen

Hi, Llast year I bought this ASUS ROG g513Q, and it worked fine for the first 6 months, then it started not booting, The lights of the keyboard turned on, but it was never booting into Windows. The screen was turned on, but it never boots. We took it...

tanini by Level 7
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Recommendations for Asus laptop in $500-700 range

We have a decade old Asus laptop that's been a fantastic machine for us, but it's getting old and with Win 7 and a Pentium processor, it's pretty well obsolete except for doing Zoom calls for a class that my wife takes.Does anyone have a recommendati...

jafif by Level 7
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Thermal pads Asus Rog Strix Notebook G712LV

So yesterday I opened up this Notebook Asus Rog Strix G712LV and cleaned it, then I noticed that some thermal pads dried up and I replaced them but didn’t pay attention what thickness they need to be and now the temps are going up CPU up to 83*C and ...