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ROG Flow X13 2021 rubbber coating in cpu (find a replacement)

Hi! Im looking for a replacement rubber protection, see picture (white square arrow in cpu) for my ROG Flow X13 2021. The picture posted was not my actual laptop, this is just for reference. My laptop when I remove the heatsink to replace the thermal...


ASUS ROG strix G15 keyboard input delay

Does anybody has issues on their laptop keyboard when typing? Like the first few letters are omitted and not displaying real time - there's few seconds delay before the key you pressed is displayed.

marbs by Level 7
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Asus G14 2022 freezes when connected to monitor

Hello!I acquired this laptop 2 months ago and ever since day 1 it has been freezing randomly when playing games or watching content in full screen ONLY when connected to an external monitor. The game can be something as simple as League of legends. S...

Squalexy by Level 8
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Zephyrus G15 Incorrect SSD temperature reading?

I installed a secondary 1TB M.2 drive (Hynix P31) in my new Zephyrus G15 laptop to use as a data drive and noticed it runs about 11 degrees (C) hotter than the OEM Micron drive running the OS.  I have ordered a copper heatsink and am waiting for that...

jippy by Level 7
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Registration Issue

I recently purchased an ASUS ROG Strix second hand I recently attempted to register it as I have done with all of my Asus Products and received an error message that said it was already registered. Being a 3rd party purchase I tried to contact the ve...

TUF F15 BIOS Update Not Working

I recently bought an ASUS TUF F15 and it was working great for about 2 weeks. Out of nowhere it powered off and would not turn back on. Took it back to the store and exchanged for a new one. Today, I got a pop up stating that there was a BIOS update ...

ozorio by Level 7
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Help me in choosing a laptop

i am confused between asus proart studiobook 4070 and asus rog flow x 16 rtx 4070 which one should i choose? i recently saw videos on youtube that proart has bios problems and it gets bricked i mainly need the laptop for gaming and editing purpose.

techik by Level 7
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Strix scar 18 WiFi 6E AX211 160 mhz

Dear all, I have ASUS rog Strix scar 18 with WIFI 6e AX 211 160 MHz ,  it works very bed like 10 times slower download speed   in room while others.  BTW  upload is good . in my country everywhere is 2.4ghz routers , but I don't think it should be a ...

Resolved! Asus Zephyrus Duo 16 - 2023 Freezing-flicking

It turned out that all Zephyrus Duo 16 models that Asus launched this year and sold for as low as $4500 were defective. We have contacted many users, whether they are on this forum or not, and they all confirmed that they have the same problem. Despi...

Niyazigo by Level 10
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