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G713QR freezes

Hi everyone, ever since my 2 year warranty expired in July my laptop started freezing on the ROG logo and usually going to a black screen afterwards and would be stuck like that for hours.Usually after a few hard resets it would be forced to worked a...

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2022 Zephyus M16 Thunderbolt Controller Driver

I recently purchased a CalDigit TS4 TB4 dock, but my 2022 M16 laptop, running Windows 11, only recognizes the device as USB 4. I checked Device Manager, but could not find Thunderbolt listed. Since this laptop was marketed as having TB4 capability, I...

ROG Strix G713RC color profile

Hey everyone! just want to ask if there's a fix with my monitor's color display? my display was set to default. I have external monitor and it turns out the external monitor was accurate for other screen colors. after finishing my designs, it turns o...


"Product registration failed: product is already registered"

I have bought a brand new ASUS ROG FLOW X16 (2023) a month ago and it doesn't let me register it!I been trying to contact costumer support but with no lucj.Also, I can't access the XBOX gamepass which was promoted included with this product.Really di...

zzzigno by Level 7
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Keyboard light controls stop working

I noticed the keyboard light controls weren't working. I rebooted the machine and then they worked fine.  Now the machine has been on a for a day and they aren't working again. If I press FN and any of the arrow keys, I get the appropriate pop-ups li...

Zephyrus M16 no WiFi 6E

While I do thoroughly enjoy my Zephyrus M16 (GU604VZ), the data sheet says it comes with a WiFi6E network adapter. So far, so good. The adapter it comes with is the Intel AX211 which also says 6E capable in the driver. However, try as I might, it won...

mhe by Level 7
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FX516PR Motherboard burnt twice in 8 months with rare usage

I bought a gaming laptop on Feb 2021.First time motherboard burnt on Jan 2021It was happen just a split second and suddenly my screen was totally black out and can not start back anymore. I send to asus service center and the technician just informed...

Tubro causing stuttering on G513QM

Hi  I have as ASUS ROG Strix, with RTX3060. I got my Laptop back from the Service Centre last week.   While the freezing and screen locking has been resolved I noticed that Turbo now causes issues in games. I have particularly noticed this playing Da...

AlanMc by Level 7
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