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Turn Off Display Monitor but keep laptop running

HelloDoes anyone know how to turn off display monitor but laptop still running On asus tuf? When using steamlink/moonlight to stream game on phoneFn + f6 will turn off display but when mouse move, the display turn back on

Drmnril by Level 7
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Resolved! SSD upgrade for ROG Zephyrus G15 ga503rm-hq122

Hello, 1 of 2 SSD slots of my laptop is occupied. I want to upgrade a 1tb SSD to the 2nd slot. I took an advice from Asus support in my country that I should upgrade an M.2 SSD but I need more info.  So far, Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe 7.000MB-5...

rynk35 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix G15 G513RC-HN106 RAM upgrade-related question

So I'm looking forward to buying this ROG Strix G15 (G513RC-HN106), I really liked and wanted this laptop for so much time and the time has come to buy one of them, but in the store I'm buying it from (located in Romania) - there's no other model wit...

spalatu by Level 7
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Bought used laptop already registered

I have bought from a used shop in Tokyo (store receipt available) a used ROG G512LV Gaming Laptop (serial number can be provided later if needed) and tried to register my product, but the device is already registered. I have tried to contact Asus sup...

TUF FA507NV Laptop keeps freezing on login screen

I just bought an ASUS TUF FA507NV a while ago and it has been performing quite well, however, a problem seems to appear lately whenever I tryna boot up the laptop unplugged. On login screen, when I tryna move the mouse, it would generate some weird n...

How to activate secure boot without getting violation error

I have a ROG Strix G513 and when I try to activate the secure boot control on my laptop I receive and error message saying "Secure Boot Violation". I tried to search about it but the only solution I found was to disable secure boot, which is the oppo...

zwartz by Level 7
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G614jv Massive performance drops

So recently, My ROG STRIX g614jv has been experiencing some issues. When I tried to launch Valorant today, my frames had massive amounts of stuttering going back and forth between 300 and 50 frames. I thought it might be driver-related so I downloade...

How to clean the inside of my SCAR2-G715GV ?

Hi guys,So I've got an Asus Laptop that, after 2 years warms too much compared to tasks it makes and when I shake it a little bit, it spits dust.When I had a MSI laptop, some users recommended me a tutorial video to know how to disassemble fans to du...

wooyo0 by Level 7
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Armoury crate makes Keyboard lag on ROG flow x13

Armoury crate makes the keyboard lagging on my laptop . A lot of other people reported the issue but it has not been addressed yet. see: ticket 891042  and reddit article