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Burn-in on my new ROG Strix G16?

Has anyone seen this before? It suddenly showed up and looks like a permanent burn-in. The LapTop is only a couple of months old. Any advice? G614JV-N3076W


Resolved! Zephyrus G16 GPU very slow with Chrome & firefox

Doing some experiment in React Three Fiber with Chrome & Firefox.  Performance are just some  poor... I have better result with a basic 5 years old laptop.Switching screen frequency to 60Hz doesn't change.Is this really 2000€ & more worth it ?

fransua by Level 7
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Water spilled on my ASUS Laptop Keyboard, now dont Turn on

Hello Everyone, Im From GermanyI have a Asus Tuf A15 FA506IV 2020 Model (RTX2060)I accidently spillee Sparkling Water on my Keyboard. My Laptop was plugged, while i was Clearing the mess the Laptop went Off.Since Then IT doesnt start. I Opened my Lap...

enton12 by Level 7
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3 month old Asus vivo M6500 RC - Atrocious Battery Life

I've mucked around with all the settings that might effect battery life and I'm still getting a complete drain within 90 minutes of unplugging upon a complete charge. the thing drains also when shutdown somehow. I don't frequent this community and am...

aesop0 by Level 7
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XG mobile not available

After the retailer told me in may that the XG mobile extension will be available soon - Im still waiting for them.Will they even be available at all, haven't seen neither the RTX30 nor RTX40 extensions in germany at all.Thanks...

OliverM by Level 7
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Resolved! TUF A15 Frequently missing of wifi and Bluetooth icon

Actually , in my laptop Asus tuf a 15 everytime I switched on after some while either wifi or bluetooth icon misses in some cases both the icon misses......I don't know why.......I even update the latest driver for wifi as well as bluetooth #Asustufa...

RahulB by Level 8
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Strix Scar17 2023 G733PY Black Screen issue & crashing

I just bought my ASUS Strix Scar17 2023 G733PY Laptop on 5/22/23. I absolutely LOVE the laptop but ever since I got it straight out of the box it's been having a black screen issue. I will walk away from my laptop and when I come back the keyboard is...

Strix G16 Nvidia 4070 crash when started netflix video

Hi i have asua rog strix g16 i9 13th gen and rtx 4070 it is working fine and plays all games well yesterday i opened netflix and started a movie with dolby vision suddenly my screen went black and i could not do anything i restarted using power butto...

Anmol7 by Level 7
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ROG Flow X13 2021 rubbber coating in cpu (find a replacement)

Hi! Im looking for a replacement rubber protection, see picture (white square arrow in cpu) for my ROG Flow X13 2021. The picture posted was not my actual laptop, this is just for reference. My laptop when I remove the heatsink to replace the thermal...