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Resolved! Strix G513QY Reboot after gaming session

Hi,  My G513qy laptop started the random reboot issue after working fine for couple years. I saw some old threads, most of them archived. But I tried all of the suggested solutions so far, except sending for RMA. It has been 3 years, so obviously, ca...

(G634JY) Rebooting into dGPU causes excessive stuttering

I am on BIOS 317 and have tested the latest drivers from Nvidia as well the drivers from ASUS.  No matter what when rebooting in Windows from iGPU or Optimus mode to discrete GPU mode it causes stuttering.  Games even benchmark tools like 3dmark.    ...

mbze430 by Level 9
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Resolved! Ghosting on ROG Flow x13 - HELP!

Good morning, how are you? A few months ago, I bought an Asus Rog Flow X13. Everything is absolutely up to date, both the firmware and all the drivers (through Windows Update, NVIDIA, AMD, Armory Crate, and AMD Adrenalin). What's happening is that i...

Resolved! All of my dedicated hotkeys are not working m1-m5 keys

I just bought the computer 2 months ago. Model number, g164jv, and all of a sudden, the special hotkeys are not working. I have already tried everything that I could think of including reinstalling the armory crate, reinstalling myASUS, and re-instal...

Trying to modify/disable hotkeys in Armoury Crate

See I'm trying to edit hotkeys (specifically disable the CTRL+SHIFT+L Performance Logging feature) but when I go into the hotkeys section of Armoury Crate there is literally nothing there, no options to add, change, etc. ...

RoG Zephyrus G14 Super Key not working

Hi all,  The Super (Windows) key on my RoG Zephyrus G14 is not responsive on booting into Ubuntu or Windows. This is NOT directly caused by the Fn+Super locking functionality. Pressing this key combination does not make the Super key responsive.  Is ...