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Resolved! ROG STRIX g16 G614JV only 48khz

Hi guys, why is my realtek soundcard only shows 48khz, where it showed 44khz before?  What is going on, is this a new driver update that only gets it locked on 48khz? Does anybody have a g614jv and can confirm that they only have 48khz to choose on t...

ROG Zyphyrus M16 Registration issue.

I am not sure if people are still having problems basically it was stated to create a new forum. But I bought my laptop brand new. I got it from Best Buy... they said nothing about open box or anything. (If it was I want my discount) but anyways. I t...

ROG Strix 18 - advice on cleaning the fans

Hi! I have a G834JY-N6005W and every two-three months I need to clean the fans. I usually use a needle and gently remove the excess dust. Process is slow and requires a lot of concentration. The plastic covers don't help, it's difficult to work in be...


Hello everyoneI month ago I bought Asus G614JI gaming laptop everything was good but recently I noticed that right speaker sometimes does not working. I updated my all drivers etc. Does anyone knows how can I solve this problem?

Multiple issues with ROG Strix G513RW

ASUS ROG STRIX model G513RW-XS91-CA problems- 32 GB of RAM, BIOS version 327- playing music/videos causes the trackpad to freeze, but it returns to normal operation a few seconds after stopping the sound (ie: press space bar when playing a youtube vi...

mjs by Level 7
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Are these temps normal

hello guys, i bought my rog strix scar 16 with 4080 3 days ago, it seems that i cant get the idle cpu temp below 65, although i go about 75-85 while playing apex, but i felt that my idle tempreture is high.are these tempretures normal ? can u please ...

Kozbara by Level 7
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Rog g18 G814JI Ram Slot Problem

Rog g18 G814JI After cleaning the fans (it is a regular thing for me not my first time just blow air) laptop don't boot just keyboard leds turn on and black screen no logo no text nothing, i tried several things 1- i tried to unplug battery and plug ...

Tversky by Level 7
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G16 laptop freezing and battery light flashing orange

My laptop and several of my friends freezes randomly while browsing the web or playing games or in rest mode. And the battery light flashes orange. We have no way but to turn off from the physical button. Does anyone have a solution for this issue? A...

mateo61 by Level 8
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