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Asus Rog Strix g15 random freeze

Good evening everyone,So i have a problem with my asus rog strix g15, so a few weeks ago I started playing overwatch but my laptop overheated after an hour or so. So I tried to fix this problem by lowering the processor in the power settings in the c...

Resolved! Screen Tremors Asus Rof Flow X13 - HELPPP PLEASE

Good morning everyone, it's been less than a week since I got the new Asus Rog Flow x13 GV301Re. I'm having this issue that is driving me crazy, and I don't understand how a new computer that cost me over $1200 dollars could have it. 1) When watching...

G513RC Automatic restart after laptop sleep

ROG Strix G15 model G513RC, I have set this computer to turn off the screen and enter sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity, but this computer will automatically restart after entering sleep mode for a few minutes, which causes the website and ...

rog g15 performance mode issue

in my asus rog g15 there is a issue with the performance modes.whenever i press any key on the keyboard the performance mode gets changed .i.e from turbo to silent to performance .when i use external keyboard then there is no issue .anyone know what ...

ROG Flow Z13 or ROG Flow X16

Thinking about getting possibly an ASUS ROG Flow Z13 (2023) GZ301VV - 13.4" WQXGA 165Hz Touch - i9-13900H - RTX 4060 or ASUS ROG Flow X16 GV601VI-CS94 WQXGA 240Hz i9-13900H - RTX 4070 of those with knowledge or experience with one or both which would...


Hello, I need your help with this problem. yesterday when i clean my laptop i broke the hd flat cable. I was with the laptop in couple of repair shops but they dont have this type of cable. i found this cable on #

cmd20 by Level 7
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Zephyrus G14(2022) Green dot on screen

suddenly a green dot appeared on my screen and a plus-shaped vertical and horizontal line connected to it. I sent it to warranty and they replaced the screen. After that they said it didin't solved and they will change the motherboard. I don't think ...

Qusuto by Level 8
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Zephyrus M16 GU604VI almost no sound

Good day! I have Zephyrus M16 2023  GU604VI with noOS. I installed new official Win11 and all updates for it and have an issue with sound. All drivers installed, but there is only tiny sound from speaker (like from connected headphones), looks like a...

Amateur by Level 7
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