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ROG Strix G712LW-XS78 monitor support

I'm currently running 2 monitors. One with the HDMI port and One with a USB-C hub that has an HDMI port on it. My question is, if I get a USB-C hub with 2 HDMI out, can I run one more monitor? I stream with this PC and would like ONE more monitor in ...


Laptop G814JZ current bios version 318 JUST STOP OKAY !? bios should be optional not like driver update, at this point I am actually thinking about buying Lenovo products, so we people don't have to put up with how ASUS is becoming next anti-consumer...

Screenshot 2023-11-20 135101.png Screenshot 2023-11-20 135256.png

Resolved! ASUS TUF A16 Adv. Edition - will not boot when plugged in

Hi All,I've been having an issue where if I leave my laptop turned off & plugged in for a while, it will not turn on - the keybord lights will turn on and the fans will start going, but the screen stays black. At this point I have to do a hard reset,...

zukers by Level 7
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Resolved! Wifi & Bluetooth Problem in TUF A15.

I am having this problem for a month now. Firstly, it was happening with Bluetooth when I played game. The Bluetooth kept disconnecting and reconnecting. Also, the Bluetooth icon disappeared. Now it's happening with Wi-Fi. After using few minutes, Wi...

Resolved! SSD replacement in ASUS TUF GAMING F15 FX507ZM (2022)

My 1.5 year old ASUS TUF GAMING F15 FX507ZM (2022) has lately been getting Media and Data Integrity Errors according to CrystalDiskInfo.   It had 4 entries for the past 6 months from when I backed up the drive using a fast backup program.   I did ano...

jnj123 by Level 7
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Screen problem with new laptop

Hello,I'm visiting forum looking for help for my new laptop. It's not ASUS but I found the old post here, and seems somebody had this problem earlier. Laptop model Katana 17 MSI.I see pixels, white horizontal lines mostly on blue/orange color, on fac...

20240118_091653.jpg 20240118_090955.jpg
Bakashe by Level 7
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