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Asus White horizontal line on screen

I have a issue on my screen, there is like a white horizontal line and idk what caused it. For information the laptop is an ASUS ROG Strix G15 G513RM.Sorry for bad quality, but screenshots dont show the white line. 


Ddr5 5600mhz ram

Hi therei just bought asus rog strix scar 16 G634i wanted to ask will it get DDR5-5600mhz support or not... other brands at this price range are also providing support for 5600mhz ram will it get or not


Hello,I would like to know if it is normal that the temperature of my GPU rises to 85-87 degrees Celsius when I play games.LAPTOP ROG STRIX G713RSAMD Ryzen 9 6900HXRTX 308032 gig ram

Whats the maximum RAM capacity of zephyrus s15 GX502LWS-HF123TS?

May I know the maximum RAM capacity of the Asus Zephyrus S15 GX502LWS-HF123TS? I have been doing research, and some sources suggest that I can add 32GB of RAM to achieve a maximum of 48GB. However, according to the tech specs on the ROG website, it s...

aki by Level 7
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Quantum dot or QLED gaming laptops?

Hello. I was impressed with the QLED monitor and was wondering why there are no gaming laptops with such displays? Quantum dot displays are different from older IPS displays and use blue backlight along with green and red quantum dots to produce vivi...

abnormal cpu temperature

So baiscally i got asus rog g18 4070 i913980HX however when i turn on my laptop cpu's temperature reaches 60c imediately just from the start (charger on) not sure if its normal but fact that it just turned on and cpu temperature is 60c is a little bi...

Shuu by Level 7
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ASUS ROG G751jy screen issue

First and foremost hello to everyone reading this post .Excuse me for my bad english and any grammatical mistakes. I have rog g751jy gaming notebook that has served my well over these 3 months without any major problems (one of them being that ac 726...


GL731GT & Pm9a1

I've got GL731GT-H7192T with died ssd (smart error) Bought a new Pm9a1 1tb and can't even go to bios, until extract this ssd Trying update bios 306 -> 308No results(I know, that this drive is 4.0x4, but it must to have backward compatibility, why not...

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