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Backlit keyboard not working

Level 7


I own an ASUS ROG502VT, it's an old machine but I still use it as a backup for my desktop when travelling. After some cleaning up it works still surprisingly ok, except the backlit keyboard. 

The lights of they keyboard turn on for a few seconds before the "REpublic of gamers" screen shows up but then refuse to turn on again when pressing the fn + F4 button. I tried re installing keyboard drivers but that did not fix it. There are no keyboard settings in BIOS. The "Asus Control Interface" does not show in my device manager under "system devices" either, not even after showing hidden devices or scouting for hardware changes. 

Any ideas what this may be? Thanks a lot in advance. 



Customer Service Agent

Hi @SinkingDeeper ,

Based on your description, it's possible that there may be some hardware issues causing these problems. 

Since we can't physically inspect your product through the forum, and considering that your laptop has been in use for a while, you might consider evaluating whether to send your laptop to our service center for further hardware diagnostics. We appreciate your understanding.