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Asus Zephyrus Duo 16 - 2023 Freezing-flicking

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It turned out that all Zephyrus Duo 16 models that Asus launched this year and sold for as low as $4500 were defective. We have contacted many users, whether they are on this forum or not, and they all confirmed that they have the same problem. Despite the fact that the devices of those who contacted the technical service were repaired and all the parts were replaced, they all took their devices back with the same problems.

In the previous threads, we found that this problem was caused by AMD's Adrenaline App, and the moderator friend suggested we delete it and install an old driver. However, when this happens, we said that our screens are flashing every 10-15 seconds, that it is very harmful and annoying for eye health, and that we are willing to use AMD Adrenalinele, which causes freezing problem rather than continuing like this. He said "We are working with AMD to solve the issue" and still marked the issue as "Problem resolved". But still no solution or explanation for 3-4 weeks. I talked to some friends from AMD about this and they said they didn't know about such a thing. Even the new drivers they released did not solve the problem. So actually there is no movement. All they do is buy time so they can't be refunded. Because the only support they give is to repair the laptop and return it the same way days later.

If I had not bought this device from New York and returned to my country, I would have already given it back 100 times, but unfortunately I don't have such a chance. Nobody has the desire to buy a product second hand at this price, even if it were, I wouldn't want to sell a defective product to someone else. Selling a product for $4500 and not standing behind it is fraud and theft.

Trusting the Asus brand, I bought this device from abroad and gave my old laptop as a gift to a relative. Now, because of this stupid laptop, the work of many people like me has been ruined. It's not really acceptable for Asus to ignore this problem when it should be keeping an eye on a top-of-the-line product.

I think the entire Asus team is too busy with their newly released handheld console Ally.

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Level 10

added to this issue have a look at the video

this laptop was made as flagship model for dying light 2 which it had promoted. and this is my 3rd duo from 2021-22. apart from frequent freeze and  failed startups what i observed is the main display has mux capability but 2nd display is hardwired to amd. so the moment you enable "zephyrus duo" option in game .. the fps drops to 11 as the game is confused which GPU to use. under no way this laptop can play dying light 1 or 2 as showcased by asus in videos. This laptop feels like being pushed in rush and incomplete. i have 2nd ssd added to machine and before this i has asus strix scar 15. it has never happened that the 2nd ssd got formatted while system recovery. By mistake i tried cloud recovery to end my misery of screen flicker ad freeze. To my horror i lost all data and it installed the entire os and recovery on ssd 2 that i added and skipped the default ssd. Multiple times it has happened, so to run recovery everytime one has to remove the other ssd to save the data.. This laptop need serious inspection via software team and hardware team to iron out issues. such a beautiful machine has been destroyed by improper hardware and software integration.

The Zephyrus Duo 16 is the most powerful multicore CPU performance I have ever seen. The RTX 4090 and Ryzen 9 7945HX pair wonderfully to deliver great FPS. The super bright and vibrant mini-led display doubles as a great display for gamers as well as professionals. You can buy the Zephyrus Duo 16

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I was also facing the same freeze problem and when i implemented the solution mentioned at my laptop completely broke. Now screen is not loading at all, both the screen are black after start-up. Finally i gave up and send in my laptop to the repair center. @Anbby_ROG could you please make sure that the problem get resolved and flickering problem doesn't start happening like other are noticing.

There is some serious design issue with this machine and software support is very slow

Customer Service Agent

I am sorry to hear about your issue. May I kindly ask you to send me your product serial number and repair reference number via private message? Thank you.

Kindly check the message


Sent you the details in private message. Let me know if you need anything else.

I have reverted to you. Even after all steps this machine is unreliable. May i have the email or India country head or ceo to escalate the case for refund pls. 

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I suddenly had a problem with the padding of the keyboard - sometimes it does not respond to actions, and then suddenly all the buttons are triggered and a set of letters appears in the input field.

......besides the screen flickering problem

All drivers of the latest version

Level 10

I see that months have passed and still not the slightest problem has been fixed. Not a single particle has been fixed. After this time, do not be enthusiastic that things will be fixed. If they could, they would have done it anyway. Some problems persist since the old series. The dual screen thing was a marketing strategy, asus took over. my value judgments prevent me from selling this useless laptop to someone else as a second hand, making that person a victim, my morals will not allow it. Also I can't return it due to the country I live in, because I bought it from a country thousands of miles away. it just sits on the sidelines as a dead investment.

Shout out to all electronic marketers here. Do not get Asus Zephyrus Duo 16 in your stocks. It is an expensive product and the probability of returning to you is very high, because it has 10s of known problems and no update sent can solve this problem. all stupid stuff.

Don't be fooled by the moderator in the forum saying he's upset and asking for your serial number etc, they’r not solving anything and they won’t. They get paid for buying time like this.

I went to buy thousands of km for being able to buy this laptop and I regret it. This is obviously the reason why this product is not found in stocks first place.

I repeat, do not buy or fill your stocks with Asus Zephyrus Duo 16. It’s scam.

I have tried the "solutions" and they do not work for me. I am unsure if there is a fix that can happen without AMD releasing not-messed-up drivers. I will be returning my FOURTH and final duo. I pray to the laptop gods that next years model doesnt have these issues, as I need a powerhorse of a mobile computer with the second screen.