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ASUS TUF GAMING F15 fx506LHB Turbo Mode

Level 7

Greetings all, so I have a TUF Gaming F15 FX506LHB laptops with i5-10300h CPU and GTX1650 GPU. 

Long story short, I want my laptop not to overheat when gaming. So I set the Maximum processor state to 95% and disabled the Processor performance boost mode in Power Option.

In the armory crate, there is a Turbo Mode option which I read can make the fan spin faster, but at the same time, it also allows the CPU to work harder so it produces more heat as well.

My first question is, which is more dominant? The power option or armor crate turbo boost? If I select Turbo Mode in Armory Crate, will the CPU again enable the Processor performance boost mode in Power Option?

My second question is, if indeed the Power Option is more dominant does it mean when I choose Turbo Mode (Armoury Crate) the CPU load will be the same but the fans will spin even faster, making the CPU even cooler?

I would really appreciate an answer, thanks.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ZenNf ,

Depending on the application being used on the computer, if it is a software that requires high-performance such as gaming or other demanding tasks, it is recommended to use the Turbo Mode.
Turbo Mode maximizes the power of the CPU and GPU and increases the airflow of the fan to meet the demands of high-performance gaming and work (Only available in charging mode)
The above information is provided for your reference,Thank you