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Asus Strix Scar G17 G733PY shuts down from overheating?

Level 7

At serious simultaneous load on the CPU and GPU in PERFOMANCE mode, when high temperatures are reached, the notebook shuts down. There is a suspicion of overheating of the GPU (although according to the sensors only 84-85 degrees from the allowable 87), but are there no built-in protection in laptops except shutdown in this case (Trottling, for example)? Moreover, there was no such problem before, and the power that the GPU and CPU consume properly....
In TURBO mode, the CPU temperature is lower and there are no shutdowns accordingly.

And in the OCCT stress test on the GPU and CPU separately, there are no shutdowns even when high temperatures are reached....

What should I do and what could be the problem?
From the last changed conditions I can name only the increase of the house temperature (with the onset of summer). I haven't updated Windows, I haven't touched bios and drivers for a long time. Tried reinstalling with DDU to the stock driver - same result.

In the attached video is an example of a shutdown with video card readings


Customer Service Agent

Based on your description, I recommend updating both the BIOS version and the system version to the latest versions. Additionally, please refer to the following FAQ to check the fan cleanliness. Thank you.
[Windows 11/10] Troubleshooting - Overheating and Fan issues

BIOS and Windows updated to the latest version...

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Eldir ,

I would like to confirm if your BIOS version has been updated to the latest version 329. Have you tested with the ASUS-certified NVIDIA Graphic Driver Version v31.0.15.4624 and AMD Graphic driver Version V31.0.14038.8002? Thank you

Yes, my bios is 329. I also tested with the drivers you described. I installed them properly - by uninstalling the driver using DDU utility

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Eldir ,

Thank you for your feedback. 

Based on your description, we recommend that you send your laptop to the local service team for further hardware diagnostics to confirm the issue. Thank you.