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Asus Strix G16 v324 firmware causing USB-C monitors to no longer work.

Level 9

I have an Asus Strix G16 (G614JI) that got the firmware update to 324.  once it restarted, my external monitors that were connected via USB-C failed to work.  I manually downgraded back to 321, and they started working again.   However, sadly it auto updated the last time I rebooted, and again, on v324 the monitors do not work again.  They get power, but they are not detected in Windows.

Going to re-downgrade and be very careful about when the laptop reboots again, as I cannot keep wasting my time downgrading each time it updates.

Anyone else having any issues similar?



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Customer Service Agent

Hi All,

Thank you all for reporting this issue and for your patience. The BIOS 328 update has been released. Please try updating your BIOS and check if the problem is resolved. If the issue still persists, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

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Level 12

I have the same model of laptop and I am after updating to 324 all ports work very well.

I checked in the USB-C/TB socket.

The ports work perfectly fine for data, such as a phone, or Yubikey, or other device.  However for a monitor it does not work, it provides power to the monitors but not able to detect them as monitors.



I've checked with Eizo monitors and Sony TV and they are detected by the USB-C/DP and USB-C/TB ports.

Are they getting power from the laptop or powered externally?

They are powered from the power grid.

Level 9

I think that may be what it is getting power from the USB-C port and doing the display seems to fritz it out.  Again, it works fine as long as I stay at 321..   I've proven it out twice that its gotten updated (successfully) to 324 that the external displays stop working, but rolling back. it is fine.

Level 8

I have the same problem, halcyondaze.  My G164JV (Windows version 11 build 22621) updated to 324 and my external monitor failed to get a video signal from my USB C port.  It was recieving power though.  I downgraded to 321 and the monitor started working. 

Glad to hear I'm not the only one.  I have to turn off automatic windows updates now as when that occurs it'll reboot, and immediately apply the firmware after it reboots.   This definitely needs to be fixed. 

Also using Windows 11 22H2 - 22621.3155.