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Asus Strix G16 v324 firmware causing USB-C monitors to no longer work.

Level 9

I have an Asus Strix G16 (G614JI) that got the firmware update to 324.  once it restarted, my external monitors that were connected via USB-C failed to work.  I manually downgraded back to 321, and they started working again.   However, sadly it auto updated the last time I rebooted, and again, on v324 the monitors do not work again.  They get power, but they are not detected in Windows.

Going to re-downgrade and be very careful about when the laptop reboots again, as I cannot keep wasting my time downgrading each time it updates.

Anyone else having any issues similar?



Level 12

"325 has likely been in validation sometime. Just a heads up, this issue has been escalated so it's not being ignored."


Wow, amazing, thank you so much Asus, I'm glad is not being ignored... 

Until a new bios comes out and brakes other stuff, once again...

If Asus just STOP and don't FORCE the bios to be mandatory 


Level 10

BIOS 328 out today... no notes as usual, maybe a fix ?

Level 7

Got v328 BIOS update today, installed it - this fixed the issue for me.

Customer Service Agent

Hi All,

Thank you all for reporting this issue and for your patience. The BIOS 328 update has been released. Please try updating your BIOS and check if the problem is resolved. If the issue still persists, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

Bios 328 solved most problems for me. Now usb-c portable monitors works

328 did resolve the issue for me as well,  Thank you.

Level 10

OP, which external monitors are you using if I may ask ? Thanks 

Hi @Daniel_Shaw , the older one is an "ARZOPA Monitor Portatil, G1 Game 15.6 Pulgadas 144HZ 1920×1080 FHD, IPS" the new one "UPERFECT 16'' 2560*1600 Píxeles 500 Nits Alto Brillo 1200:1 Pantalla IPS"
Both from Amazon, very impressed. Used daily (monday to sunday), many hours, 0 problems. They have 2 USB-C, 1 HDMI connections.

About 328 bios fix, now I see that my USB-C to Display Port cable is not working when connected to the first USB-C port (the one can't be used to charge), so I only can connect my 34'' monitor to this charging port so I can't charge with usb-c at same time. 

Level 8

328 also solved my issue.  Thank you.