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Asus Strix G15 won't boot up after failed bios update

Level 7


 Hello so, my asus strix had a failed update in the bios settings so when I powered it off and powered it back on it doesn't boot up... just a white lit keyboard with the usual power led etc. I've tried almost every possible solution, shortcut keys, power off-on and stuff but nothings made a change to this laptop.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @NinqaZ ,

Please try the following steps:


  1. Power off the laptop and disconnect all external devices and power sources.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to perform an EC reset.
  3. Reconnect the power source and then turn on the computer. At this point, the BIOS update should automatically resume.
    During the BIOS update, do not remove the power cord and wait for the update to complete, which will result in a restart.

If the issue persists, we recommend that you take the laptop to the local service center for further diagnostics. Thank you.