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Level 8


I want to warn everybody from updating your BIOS to v325. After the BIOS menu update said that everything was installed successfully my laptop couldn't boot up. I could only see my RGB keyboard work but my screen was black for like a minute and then it turned off. I did the thing with holding power button for 40-60 seconds and after a few attempts it worked (worth to mention I could hear a weird cracking noise when it first booted up, probably that's when my battery died). Today I realised that my battery showed 0% and windows claimed that it was charged, but it wasn't at all. After that I reinstalled my battery drivers in the device manager and reverted to default BIOS settings, and my battery shows 8% now and it's stuck there. Good job ASUS. Does anybody know if that's even under warranty, or am I supposed to pay for their mistakes as well? Or maybe it's fixable somehow?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Frub3L ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Currently, we haven't received any other user feedback regarding similar issues after upgrading to BIOS v325. Have you tried checking the battery status through MyASUS? Please try removing all external devices and power sources while the system is shut down, then perform an EC reset by holding the power button for 40 seconds. Afterward, reconnect the power and boot up to see if there's any improvement. I hope this information helps.

Level 8

please keep us posted, i have the  G634JY and this update pop up today, im afraid now

Level 8

Edit: (strix g16 2023 g614jz) I just did 325 and haven’t experienced a fried battery as only just finished the install but my system had the same behaviour after the update. Update completed ok, system restarted and just got stuck. Keyboard lights on and no boot, black screen, stayed like that for 3min and shut down. Tried again and did the same. I ended up disconnecting a usb c monitor and the power jack then holding the power button for 40s. I pressed the power button again and it started up ok (edit: it hung for ages on a black screen with no keyboard lights then eventually started up normally).  Settings in the bios were retained. Something is up with this 325 bios. Can’t trust ASUS engineers to get anything right. Doubt I’ll be updating it again if this is what’s to expect. 

From my experience, I have a thunderbolt device and USB 3 hub attached normally.  I will get the same symptoms as you if I leave them connected on a bios update.

So since bios 318 I have learned to disconnect all devices before a bios update.  After the reboot after the bios has been updated it can take 2 mins to start up, I assume it's going through memory checking and polling since it did the same when I upgraded from 32GB to 64 GB memory.

I have a usb c connected monitor but it was disconnected during the update. Just the power cable. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @wotwotwot ,

I would like to confirm with you whether attempting to update BIOS 325 again has been successful. Thank you.