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Asus service centre returned system with original fault - Thousands of WHEA 17 errors every day

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How do I get the srevice centre to actually fix a laptop?  I bought a Rog 16 FLow in Jan, it has a hardware fault that causes thousands of WHEA 17 errors every day (15k+ errors in a working day) and regular BSOD.  Same issue as seen in this thread: 

Repair centre had it for a week, reloaded windows, & happily sent it back with the errors still happening. Event logs are full of them from the moment it booted with the new windows.

Chat can't help, phoned support, they can't/won't help, just directed me to go through the whole process of web form & sending it back again. Groundhog day.

Anyone got any advice? I've aslo tried Overclockers, they refused return as the original ticket went over their 28 day window (even though the ticket was opened on day 24), so it looks like I'm going to have to go to my credit card company for them to sort it out. Worst customer service I've had for a long time...


Unfortunately I can believe that.

I have heard a lot of bad things and had a few less than exemplary encounters myself. It's a massive shame really. The UK service centre is terrible. Even online reviews of general customers is not good. Yet ASUS see them fit to carry their name, says a lot about them tbh.

The NA (Canada) Center is just as bad, trust me.

It's Asus as a company.

They've got billions coming in, so in their minds, they probably think their customer service is fine and won't change anything until their bottom line suffers because of it. Eventually it will, they're ruining their name.

As a long term ASUS customer, I won't be Buying another product of theirs for a while now. I'll either go MSI or Legion, I've been on the Legion forums for a while and generally they're much more helpful. The responses you get from half the staff on the forum are pretty robotic and if they don't know they respond like a politician. Skirt around the subject and they say if you have anymore questions feel free to ask... while not actually answering the original question.

I spoke the the Lenovo guys about VBIOS flashing, using LM and swapping the screen for a better one. As soon as they knew I wasn't fussed about the warranty as it had ended, they spoke like general enthusiasts and even asked me to tell them how the project went. Talking to any ASUS rep basically got me no where. I couldn't even get them to quote me a repaste of my old machine. Got scripted messages of send it to a service centre so they can charge me for the privilege and end of conversation. 

Couldn't agree more.

It's exactly how you described, like talking to a politician.  It's so brutal neve having your questions answered and getting the same old cliché response that their PR department told them to say. Honestly doesn't even feel like you're talking to a human, it's awful. ChatGTP genuinely has more human-like answers.