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Asus scar 16 coil whine problem ?

Level 7

I have a coil whine problem on my Asus Scar 16. Strangely, this problem decreases every time I reset the laptop and when I switch gpu from ultimate mode to standard or economy mode, the sound increases and stays that way, so I reset the PC and never switched to standard or economy mode and the sound was low but when ı put it into sleep mode the same sound returned.

I wonder which part is causing this problem and how can I solve this problem without resetting the PC every time ?


Level 12

You shouldn't hear coils when the computer is in idle mode, while the occurrence of annoying squealing when the GPU is under heavy load can be minimized by lowering the GPU load and reducing the screen refresh rate to 60 Hz.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @pragg ,

Regarding the slight high-frequency noise, please refer to further explanation through this link.

To further investigate the problem you described, would you be able to record a video and provide the following information via private message for us to confirm? Thank you.
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