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Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503RM-HQ122 fps drops every 20 secs while on Turbo Mode

Level 7


I'm having fps drop issues on Cs Go and GTA V every 15-20 secs while the computer is on turbo mode. The fps goes from 150-200 to 60 for a couple of seconds. I have tried it on other games such as Far Cry 6, Spider Man, and Cyberpunk but I didn't have the same issue in those games. On Cs Go, I'm not having any fps drops when the computer is on performance mode but the temperature goes almost 90 degrees on performance mode so I don't want to use it. By the way, I use the GPU mode optimized on armory crate, if it's important. Also, apart from the fps drops, I'm not getting good performance on Cs Go even though my PC is high end. So maybe this issue is related to my PC using integrated GPU when playing Cs Go or GTA V? 

I will be appreciated any help, thanks in advance.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rynk35 ,

I would like to confirm with you whether testing the GPU performance adjustment to Ultimate or Standard mode resolves the issue of FPS drops.
Due to dGPU has better graphic performance than integrated GPU. We recommend to set dGPU as the preferred graphics processor for games to optimize the gaming experience.

Please feel free to reply and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.


I've tried both on Ultimate and Standard and the problem continues. I noticed that as the temperature increases, more fps drops occur but the same problem doesn't occur on performance mode even though temperature goes higher. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @rynk35 ,

Thank you for your response. 
I would like to confirm if you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling CS:GO and GTA V to test them again. 
Could you please PM me the following information? I will provide it to the relevant team to investigate your issue. 

(1) Product serial number
(2) Armoury Crate version
(3) dGPU driver version
(4) BIOS version

If possible, could you also kindly provide a video recording of the FPS drops on Turbo Mode? Thank you.

I have tried reinstalling CS:GO and GTA V before.

Serial number: N_______________________

Armoury crate version:

dGpu driver version:

Bios version: American Megatrends International, LLC. GA503RM.313, 17.01.2023

Unfortunately I don't have time for video recording but I will try to provide it later.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rynk35 ,
Thanks for your reply.
Because your post contains your personal information, in order to prevent your personal information from being leaked, we will assist in deleting some information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

You can find the video recording of fps drop here:

The fps indicator is on the bottom left. The fps drops from 200 to 60 for a couple of seconds.