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ASUS ROG Zephyrus g14 Random black screen

Level 7

so this pass few week i started to feel something wrong with this device 
my laptop suddenly goes black screen and fan is on full blast 

same situation happened to me i bought this during 2020 and the warranty is already expired 
and i see more more user are experience this the same situation 

for me the solution when this happen is "holding power button till it restart" and is temporary  solution is there 

the other method i try is 
clean install 2x

and still happen



Customer Service Agent

Hi @mandoo558 ,

May I confirm if the black screen occurs during specific software or usage scenarios? 
Additionally, is there any overheating observed when the black screen happens? Since you've already reinstalled the system to rule out software-related issues, please try using myASUS to check for any potential hardware abnormalities. Thank you.

sometimes it happened on idle
there is no overheating 
and i already use MYasus app for diagnostic and there is no issue or abnormaL
Im going to try factory reset(not windows reset)

I'm going to try one more time by factory reset