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ASUS rog strix G17 won't wake up from sleep mode.

Level 9

I have been using my Asus Rog Strix G17 computer for about a month. My computer does not go into sleep mode and does not wake up when it does. It does not wake up even though I click the power button, keyboard and mouse. I keep getting karnel power 41 error in the event log. Please help me. Otherwise I'll go crazy. 


Where can I find the ASUS certified driver for the AMD graphics card you mentioned? I know I can click your link, but I want to be able to find future updates.

Please try installing the Asus-certified version V31.0.14001.46001 of the AMD graphics card driver to see if it improves the issue.

I have rolled back to the Asus-certified version V31.0.14001.46001 of the AMD graphics card driver. I can confirm I am still getting screen flickering.

Will report back if the sleep/wake and self restart issues continue.

It didn't work for me, I hope it works for you.

Yes, you had no luck either. I tried all the solutions. Now, after making a backup, I will reinstall Windows on the computer. I updated the AMD GPU driver software to the latest version, but this time my computer gave the error of restarting on its own. I hope there is a solution to this. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Rogsuat  @LaptopIssues ,

Thank you for your feedback. Let's summarize the current issues. 

Regarding the screen flickering, could you please record a video and capture the GPU and Operating mode settings in Armoury Crate? This will help us further investigate.
As for the automatic restart issue, since we need your personal information, could you provide the following details through private message? I will then provide the feedback to the relevant department for further confirmation:


Serial Number:
BIOS Version:
iGPU Driver Version:
dGPU Driver Version:
Windows Build Version (Settings - System - About):
Are you using an external monitor?


Please use the AsLogDumptool to record logs and provide them to us. We appreciate your cooperation.

Level 8

I have the same issue when windows goes to sleep mode it does not wake up I have to force restart it from the power button please did anyone found a solution to this ?

Stop using sleep mode.

Customer Service Agent


I would like to clarify the context to better understand your issue. Could you please let me know the GPU mode setting in Armoury Crate? Additionally, have you enabled G Sync in the NVIDIA Control Panel? I recommend trying to disable G Sync to see if it improves the situation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Armory Crate GPU mode is standard but I use it in Optimus mode.

G sync does not appear in the NVIDIA control panel. There is no such option.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Rogsuat ,

Thank you for your reply. 
We are actively investigating the issues related to random restarts and flickering, which may occur in specific usage scenarios. We kindly request your assistance in using the AsLogDumptool to log the events and describe the situations in which random restarts and flickering occur (such as using iGPU or dGPU, specific software involved, incidents during standby, and whether an external display or dock is connected). 
Some users have resolved random restart issues by disabling fast startup and flickering issues by disabling "Core Isolation" in the Windows Security options. Please test whether these measures can serve as short-term solutions. We appreciate your cooperation.